Visit our Medicofit clinic at Koprska ulica 106h in Ljubljana, or call us on 064 190 220 or write to medicofit@medicofit.si – we will be happy to answer you!

Visit us for a diagnostic examination, injury rehabilitation, pain treatment, kinesiology training...

    Nova naročila zdravljenja

    (+386) 64 190 220

    Urejanje rednih terminov zdravljenja

    (+386) 41 410 360


    Koprska ulica 106h, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

    Working time:

    Mon - Fri

    6:00 do 22:00


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    State-of-the-art clinic for physiotherapy Ljubljana Vič – Rudnik

    Where are we located?

    All our physiotherapy and kinesiology services are provided in Ljubljana, Vič – on the southern Ljubljana ring road (Dolgi Most).

    Medicofit’s accessible location offers an ideal starting point for anyone looking for quality physiotherapy in Ljubljana for rehabilitation after an injury or for chronic pain. For those looking for quality physiotherapy in the Vič, Rudnik and Koseze area, we are certainly the most convenient option. All our visitors are provided with a free parking space in front of the Medicofit clinic.

    How to get to us?

    • The easiest way to get to Medicofit Physiotherapy from Rudnik is to take the Dolgi most exit on the southern Ljubljana ring road. 
    • From Kozarij, the Medicofit Physiotherapy Clinic in Vič can also be reached most easily by taking the Dolgi Most exit.

    Location of the clinic

    When you take the Dolgi most exit on the Ljubljana Rudnik or eastern ring road, you need to turn on to Tržaška cesta, which runs from Vič towards Brezovice. You will turn left and from Vič you will go under the Ljubljana ring road in a southbound direction. 

    After 200 metres, you will see a new black building with a large letter M on your left, marking the Medicofit clinic at Vič-Dolgi Most. Drive 100 m further from the black building and turn left onto Ivan Rob street (Ulica Ivana Roba), when you reach the railway turn left and drive along the railway towards Vič to the end of the road. On your left you will see the black building of the Medicofit clinic.