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    Your injury treatment journey at the Medicofit clinic takes place in 4 steps.



    Treatment of chronic pain and degenerative conditions at the Medicofit clinic begins with an order for a diagnostic examination.

    Common conditions that we treat are inflammation of the joint sheaths (synovitis), back pain, disc herniation, stenosis, neck pain, sciatica, disc protrusion in the neck or lumbar spine, degenerative conditions of ligaments or tendinopathies (jumping knee, runner's knee, inflammation of the Achilles tendon, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, inflamed quadriceps tendon, rotator cuff inflammation of the shoulder), various forms of arthritis, wear and tear of the hip, wear and tear of the knee,...

    Acute phase

    Acute phase

    1. Pain therapy
    2. Anti-inflammatory therapy
    3. Therapy to reduce any swelling present
    4. Trigger point therapy
    5. Manual therapy
    6. LASER therapy
    7. TECAR therapy
    8. Shock wave therapy (UGV)
    9. HiTop electrotherapy
    10. Pressotherapy
    11. Joint mobilization
    12. Passive range of motion
    13. Joint stabilization exercises
    14. Exercises to obtain full ranges of movement
    15. Exercises to gain core muscle strength
    16. Elimination of muscular symmetries



    1. Second phase of rehabilitation
    2. Joint stabilization exercises
    3. Exercises for strength in the final ranges of movement
    4. Exercises for the acquisition of muscular symmetries
    5. Exercises for core strength
    6. Exercises for preventive strength
    7. Learning the correct technical execution of strength exercises
    8. Aerobic endurance training
    9. Exercises to improve balance
    10. Learning to run
    11. Plyometric exercises (jumping, rebounding, agility)
    12. Final testing of the Kinesiotherapy Phase

    Preventive maintenance phase

    Preventive maintenance phase

    1. Post rehabilitation phase
    2. Long-term maintenance of joint functionality
    3. Maintenance of preventive strength
    4. Maintenance of physical fitness
    5. Physical preparation for recreational sport
    6. Improvement of body composition
    7. Maintaining optimal joint strength
    8. Maintaining a healthy spine
    9. Managamenet of degenerative conditions
    10. Maintenance of chronic pain