Company’s vision

Our mission is to guide every patient from their injury to peak physical condition. We connect early rehabilitation with physical preparation of the body.

Our vision

The Medicofit private clinic was founded in 2021 with the vision to offer high quality and efficient medical services in the field of rehabilitation of injuries and orthopaedic pain.

By combining the disciplines of clinical diagnostics, physiotherapy and kinesiology, the Medicofit clinic pursues a vision of complete treatment of injuries from an acute state to peak physical fitness.

Us, Medicofit team members, share a natural passion for the field of injury rehabilitation and physical fitness.

Us, the Medicofit’s experts are specialists in tailoring individual treatment protocols and specialising exercises according to the type of injury, the causes of the injury, the surgical techniques performed, the patient’s physical fitness and their personal goals.

The Medicofit team pursues the principles of individuality and active-oriented rehabilitation in all departments of the clinic and at all levels of trauma treatment.

We have two constants in our work – innovation in healthcare work processes and research into successful physiotherapy practices.

Our shared vision is to raise the quality of healthcare services in Slovenia.

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