Specialised Individual Post-injury Training

Special individual training after injuries at the Medicofit clinic is planned as a prescription, which contains the most professionally optimal selection of exercises for your past injuries.

At Medicofit, we specialise in treating injuries and post-injury trainings. Our profound knowledge of your body, which us with our team of physiotherapists gain during the diagnostic screening and treatment programme, gives us an advantage over exercise centres and independent personal trainers.

Post-injury exercise at Medicofit is planned as a prescription, containing the most optimal selection of exercises for your previous injuries.

We believe that the foundation of successful post-injury exercise is a thorough understanding of your body, which is why we place a thorough diagnostic screening at the start of every service at the Medicofit Clinic.

As part of the post-injury workout, we specifically improve areas where there are risk zones present due to a past injury. Every past injury represents a weak zone that needs to be maintained with appropriate exercises.

After an injury, it is important to analyse movement patterns and integrate the injured part into complex motor exercises. Often the injured musculoskeletal segment is optimally rehabilitated locally, but the body as a whole does not function optimally, as biomechanical compensations in movement remain.

At the Medicofit clinic we provide holistic treatment of injuries, guiding you from your injury to excellent physical form, following each injury we perform a specialised workout to physically prepare the body for your physical goals.

We make changes to your body in a safe way, building form for long term, improving your fitness performance and health.

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