Our Story

It is important to us that you understand our story, because it will make you feel at home and comfortable at Medicofit, despite the nature of the problems you are visiting us for.

Physiotherapy of the future

The Medicofit team is pursuing a vision of raising the quality of injury rehabilitation services in Slovenia.

We are introducing future Medicofit Clinic patients to a practically effective physiotherapy of the future, which solves modern musculoskeletal problems.

Lifestyles are changing and healthcare institutions also need to move with the times and radically change the way they treat their patients, both from a professional point of view and from the point of view of the approach to the patient themselves. Addressing pain and symptoms is only the first stage in a comprehensive modern rehabilitation process aimed at building quality movement and a resilient musculoskeletal system.
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Along with a world accelerating through the digital revolution, technological changes are also coming to the work processes of physiotherapy.
At Medicofit Clinic, we believe that the human factor in injury rehabilitation is crucial and not replaceable, which is why we put individual work with each patient at the centre of all levels of our services.
Modern lifestyles result in high mechanical, physiological and psychosocial stresses that push the onset of chronic-degenerative conditions into young adulthood and early adulthood. The physiotherapy of the future is activity-oriented, focusing on the development of movement patterns and the improvement of patient function.


The three main problems facing physiotherapy today in private and public settings are:

  • Generic treatment protocols,
  • passive-oriented rehabilitation, and
  • professional work in silos.
Medicofit Clinic has made solving the three main problems that often lead to unsuccessful rehabilitation the centre of its vision and mission.

Passive-oriented rehabilitation means that therapies put the relief of symptoms such as pain and swelling at the centre of their focus and often make the elimination of these the ultimate goal. In our story, we uncover the causes of your injury, address your symptoms, restore full function, and get you physically well after your injury, individually tailored to your goals and needs.

Professional work in silos means independent work by professionals who do not work together in a coherent way, although the potential for synergy is high and there is a high added value for the patient.

In our story, experts from the fields of diagnostics, physiotherapy and kinesiology work together to solve the patients’ problems.

Together, we are on a mission to deliver effective holistic treatment to every patient and make their visits to our clinic a pleasant experience.

This has been our story to share with you, and the team of young professionals at Medicofit would like to thank you for your time and warmly welcome you.

If you are experiencing musculoskeletal problems or would like to receive expertly guided personal training, we invite you to join us in writing the chapters of the Medicofit story..

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