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The best way to invest in a company’s viable future is to invest in its employees. At Medicofit Clinic, we offer rehabilitation and exercise business packages, thus supporting the health of each employee. Choose the right package for your employees!

Medicofit Clinic is starting to become the leading private corporate health clinic; since the establishment in February 2021, our clinic has been supporting companies in regard to their employees’ health. Medicofit Clinic works as a contract partner and provides healthcare services for employees. At Medicofit Clinic, our contract partners are offered:

  • injury rehabilitation business packages,
  • personal training business packages,
  • a diagnostic test in case of pain or injury within 24 hours,
  • other services from the list within 24 hours,
  • arrangement of an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist or diagnostic MRI in case of injury.

The Statistics for Companies

Why each company should think about physical therapy and preventive training of their employees

BOrthopaedic pain is a growing and leading problem of employers worldwide and it is becoming the primary cause of destroying productivity at work and taking sick leave. By 2030, joint and muscle pain will be one of the main reasons for seeking medical help.

Chronic and acute pain at work have a negative impact on:

  • effectiveness of team communication,
  • effectiveness of end client communication,
  • work productivity,
  • overall motivation,
  • creativity,
  • willingness to work as a team.

The Impact of Individual Preventive Training on Work Productivity

A study on implementation of employee training programmes conducted by a kinesiology institute in the Netherlands showed a 21 to 27% increase in work productivity of employees who had not participated in systematic training programmes before the study. In 2020, a study in Boston used a research model to compare productivity of a certain group of employees during the period of regular training and the period of reduced level of physical activity.

In the period of guided training programmes, the motivation level of the test group increased by 41%, and work productivity increased by 25%.

Back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and improper posture are all considered common workplace problems.

BACK PAIN is the main cause of early disability retirement in Europe. Back pain is considered to be the most expensive modern-day health issue for employers; annual cost has been estimated from 2,230 to 3,110 EUR per employee in European companies. A company with 100 employees might lose anywhere from 223,000 to 311,000 EUR per year due to sick leave resulting from back pain.

POOR POSTURE increases risk of developing pain in the lumbar spine, cervical spine and shoulders. Sedentary jobs carry four times bigger risk of developing a slouched posture with a kyphotic thoracic spine. Postural defect often has a negative impact on an individual’s self-esteem and basic motor skills.

CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME is considered to be the biggest risk factor of office jobs, and requires surgical treatment in the final stages. In individuals with office jobs, the rate of surgeries required for CTS is 2 to 3 times higher. The prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome in non-specific population is 5%, while the prevalence in people with office jobs ranges from 16 to 32%. Rehabilitation after surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome takes 3 to 4 months.

NECK PAIN has the most direct impact on the acute decrease of employees’ mental agility. The prevalence of neck pain in non-specific population is 20–32%, while the prevalence of neck pain in people with office/sedentary jobs ranges from 42 to 63%. Neck pain has a negative impact on focus and often causes severe headaches in its chronic form.

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