Management of Chronic Conditions and Joint Wear

Management of degenerative and chronic conditions is a special discipline of Medicofit Clinic, which provides a balanced progression of correctly selected exercises which do not overburden the joint and at the same time enable optimal stimulation for increasing muscle function.

Management of chronic pain and degenerative conditions at Medicofit Clinic begins with an appointment for a diagnostic test.

Many conditions do not require a consistent physiotherapeutic treatment. However, based on the level of joint injury, constant maintenance of muscular capacity is required. This provides active stability of the joints and relieves cartilaginous surfaces.

Common conditions we treat in scope of managing degenerative conditions are inflammation of the joint synovium (synovitis), chronic back pain, herniated discs, progressive stenosis, chronic neck pain, sciatica, disc protrusion in the neck or lumbar spine, degenerative conditions of the ligaments/tendinopathy (jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, Achilles tendon inflammation, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, inflammation of the quadriceps tendon, inflammation of the shoulder rotator cuff), various forms of arthritis, hip wear, knee wear etc.

Grade 3 or 4 cartilage wear in the hip, shoulder and knee joints is the most common degenerative condition which we successfully manage with specialised training. Often, the cause of intensive symptomatic joint reaction is not direct cartilage wear, but a progressive decrease of muscle function which can be the cause as well as a consequence of degenerative conditions. Improving the functional capacity of the muscles relieves joint surfaces and enables a less intensive symptomatology even in degenerative conditions.

Effectiveness of managing chronic pain and degenerative conditions is heavily dependent on the patient’s characteristics. With adequate muscle function improvement, even progressive joint wear can be managed with relatively mild symptoms. On the same note, early stages of joint wear cause more severe symptoms if accompanied with decreased muscle function.

Body changes are achieved safely as we build up your body in the long term and improve your fitness and health.

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