Presentation of the clinic

Presentation of the clinic

Medicofit Clinic - the most efficient physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic in Slovenia. We are a passionate team of physiotherapy and kinesiology experts who share a common vision - to guide injured individuals from their injury to peak physical condition.

The clinic

The Medicofit team pursues the vision of increasing the quality of medical services for rehabilitation of injuries in Slovenia.

High success rates in the treatment of injuries and disorders of the locomotor system are achieved through the full individualization of therapy protocols and exercises.

The diagnostic screening that we carry out before each injury treatment programme allows us to create the foundations for the development of an individual rehabilitation strategy for each patient, which in practice has a high efficiency.

The modernisation of the medical processes has enabled us to maintain consistency in the high level of professionalism in the delivery of physiotherapy and kinesiology.

1/3 of our patients treated in 2021 had previously undergone treatment with another provider but had not successfully resolved their symptoms.

By integrating physiotherapy and kinesiology, we follow the principle of active rehabilitation of injuries.
Our vision is to take each patient from injury to peak fitness condition.

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    At Medicofit, we providemodern, individualised rehabilitation for injuries and pain..

    The main areas of the Medicofit physiotherapy are:

    • Post-operative physiotherapy
    • Pre-operative physiotherapy
    • Chronic pain and degenerative conditions
    • Comprehensive non-operative treatment of injuries

    We believe in the early application of therapeutic exercise and kinesiology exercises, as early, actively targeted rehabilitation allows the fastest recovery of full function of the injured body segment.

    We guide you from injury to peak fitness condition.

    At the Medicofit clinic, each therapy session lasts 90 minutes.

    Personal training

    Medicofit Personal Training is a programme for our clients who wish to enter into a long-term relationship with our clinic after successful treatment of their injury.

    Within the framework of personal training we provide:

    • Preventive exercise
    • Physical preparation for sport
    • Physical fitness maintenance
    • Maintaining the functionality of the injured joint
    • Physique shaping

    VWe believe in the early application of therapeutic exercise and kinesiological exercises, as early, actively targeted rehabilitation allows the quickest recovery of full function of the injured body segment.

    In ourbody shaping and fitness improvement programmes, we put safety and correct exercise technique first and foremost.

    Diagnostics and measurements

    The diagnostic examination is the entry point for the injury treatment and personal training programmes at the Medicofit clinic.

    We believe that we can only effectively treat injuries and pain, or implement a physical training programme, once we have a good understanding of the key parameters of your musculoskeletal system.

      As part of a diagnostic examination, we perform:

    • Interpretation of the specialist’s report,
    • Clinical testing of the injured segment,
    • Mobility assessment of the injured segment
    • Functional assessment of the injured segment,
    • Measurement of the strength and endurance of the injured segment
    • Examination of adjacent joints and assessment of potentially associated musculoskeletal problems,
    • Review and assessment of previous injuries and pathologies
    • Review of the performance of basic movement patterns
    • Preparation of a diagnostic report
    • The preparation of guidelines for the rehabilitation of pain and injury.



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