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The goal of kinesiology is to guide the patient from the completed acute phase of rehabilitation to successfully performed specialised movement tests which are conducted by kinesiologists upon completion of rehabilitation.

Who is a kinesiologist ?

A kinesiologist is a specialist in the scientific field of kinesiology, which deals with the study and rehabilitation of the movement of the human body.. A kinesiologist is a specialist in kinesiotherapy, a therapy that uses exercises or exercise techniques as the main means of treatment..
A kinesiologist at Medicofit is an expert in adapting exercise techniques to different orthopaedic conditions following injury and pain..
A kinesiologist is a specialist who, after physiotherapy, prepares you to achieve your exercise goals.

In which areas do kinesiologists work at Medicofit ?

  • The kinesiologist at the Medicofit clinic is responsible for the management of rehabilitation after the acute phase of an injury, which is carried out by physiotherapy. At the Medicofit Clinic there is a team of 5 kinesiologists.
  • The kinesiologist at the Medicofit clinic is in charge for a long-term maintenance programme for muscles and joints after severe injuries, which require special exercise techniques even after the rehabilitation has been completed. A herniated disc, for example, is a condition that the kinesiologist must maintain with proper exercise.
  • The kinesiologist at the Medicofit clinic works in the field of sports kinesiology, i.e. the physical preparation of elite athletes after injury, in collaboration with sports physiotherapy.
  • The kinesiologist at the Medicofit clinic is also an expert in body shaping and personal coaching for all individuals who are injured or have a history of injury.

What are the fields of kinesiology ?

The field of kinesiology is broad. Kinesiology works in collaboration with physiotherapy in the rehabilitation of orthopaedic injuries. Kinesiologists are specialists in the rehabilitation of sports injuries. Kinesiology also works in the field of specialised exercise for individuals with severe systemic diseases.

Kinesiology aspects at Medicofit Clinic

  • Individual Preventive Training
  • Specialised individual post-injury training
  • Management of chronic conditions and joint wear
  • Improvement of athletes’ fitness
  • Body shape building

The basic principle of rehabilitation at Medicofit Clinic states that the injury is definitively rehabilitated when the patient achieves the same level of musculo-articular function as before the injury. At the same time, rehabilitation should eliminate the cause of injury.

More about kinesiology

Kinesiology is the science of exercises and the adaptation of exercises to different pathological conditions. Kinesiology also works in the field of fitness training for elite athletes.


How do physiotherapy and kinesiology connect ?

There is hardly any area in healthcare where there is such synergy as there is between physiotherapy and kinesiology. In layman’s terms, the rehabilitation of any injury starts with the physiotherapist and ends with the kinesiologist. The physiotherapist is responsible for eliminating pain and restoring basic motor function, while the kinesiologist is responsible for ensuring that each patient achieves the same motor function as before the injury.

What is the role of kinesiologists in the rehabilitation of elite athletes ?

The rehabilitation of elite athletes is a specialised field that requires a very methodical adaptation of the load through rehabilitation towards the specific demands of the sport. In Slovenia, a lot of young potential is lost due to inadequate rehabilitation of athletes in the second phase. The kinesiologists at the Medicofit clinic are specialists in achieving all specific requirements of sports in the rehabilitation of various orthopaedic injuries.

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