Our team

Members of the Medicofit team share a natural passion for the profession of injury rehabilitation and physical preparation of the body.

Our team’s vision

Medicofit’s experts are specialists in tailoring individual treatment protocols and specialising exercises according to the type of injury, the causes of the injury, the surgical techniques performed, the patient’s physical fitness and their personal goals. Our mission is to guide each patient from injury to peak physical condition. We link early rehabilitation with physical preparation of the body.

The Medicofit team pursues the principles of individuality and active-oriented rehabilitation in all departments of the clinic and at all levels of trauma treatment. Our work is guided by two constants: innovation in healthcare work processes and research into successful physiotherapy practices. Our common vision is to raise the quality of healthcare services in Slovenia.

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    Our team

    Nejc Šimenko, graduated kinesiologist

    Founder of the Medicofit clinic, professional manager, head of the kinesiology team, strategic leader of the clinic's development

    • Management
    • Kinesiology diagnostics
    • Orthopedic kinesiology
    • Preventive kinesiology

    Experience and education

    Nejc Šimenko graduated from the Faculty of Sport in 2017 with a specialisation in Kinesiology, he worked for 3 years as a professional head of the Kinesiology Department at Global Sports Clinic, which focused on the rehabilitation of injuries of top athletes, and for 1 year as an expert consultant at Global Treatment Clinic, which works in the field of treatment of severe chronic conditions.

    Nejc Šimenko is a former world-class athlete with an Olympic qualification and a national record in swimming in the 200 metres breaststroke.

    To date, Nejc Šimenko has worked with more than 800 individuals in injury rehabilitation and post-injury physical training programmes.

    Nejc founded the Medicofit clinic in 2021 in collaboration with his business partner Jaka Plantan. Nejc's vision when he founded Medicofit Clinic, which is now shared by a team of 10 members, was to enable patients to receive more effective treatment for injuries and musculoskeletal pain.

    Medicofit Clinic achieves high success rates in injury rehabilitation through two operating principles:

    • Modern physiotherapy that guides patients from the acute phase of injury to excellent physical condition,
    • By fully individualising therapy and exercise protocols for each patient.

    Modern therapy aims at restoring and improving motor function and therefore has a higher success rate in practice than conservative therapy, which basically only focuses on symptom relief. Acute rehabilitation of injuries aimed at improving the functions is the foundation of all professional processes at Medicofit.


    At Medicofit, Nejc is responsible for strategic business development, professional process development, management of professional teams, and works with clients in the diagnostic examinations and kinesiology department.

    Jaka Plantan

    Co-founder of Medicofit, Director, Chief of Staff and Administration

    Jaka attended the Faculty of Sport, majoring in Kinesiology. Upon graduation in 2017, he embarked on his own business journey and opened his first small personal training space in Ljubljana.

    Specialization in the field of work

    • Management
    • Accounting
    • Administration

    Experience and education

    2 years later, he upgraded his business ambitions and set up a larger private studio, Blackbox, specialising in above-standard personal training for recreational athletes and physical preparation for athletes. 8 years of competing in athletics at the top level gives Jaka invaluable experience in the world of sport, and he is also a participant in the European Club Championships. For 2 years Jaka managed the rehabilitation department of Eurostep Sports Academy, a basketball school for talented young basketball players, and during the same period he worked as the head of fitness training at the Slovan Basketball Club. Jaka combined his business ambitions and athletic knowledge to set up a running school at the Fitcity Centre.


    At the beginning of 2021, Jaka made a long-standing vision a reality and, together with his business partner Nejc Šimenko, opened Medicofit, a clinic for the treatment of injuries and physical preparation after injuries, where he is successfully pursuing his mission of building a business model of a modern clinic for the treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

    dr. Mitja Benedičič specialist in neurosurgery

    Asst. dr. med., neurosurgery specialist, Medicofit clinic

    Mitja is a specialist in neurosurgery and deals specifically with spine problems, including surgical treatment. Mitja is an expert in less invasive spine treatment, such as X-ray and ultrasound-guided spine surgery in combination with physiotherapeutic treatment and radiofrequency interventions on spinal joints and intervertebral discs. Mitja also performs subspecialist treatment of chronic spinal pain with spinal cord stimulation.


    At the Medicofit clinic, Mitja performs specialist medical examinations with patients who have spine problems. Mitja is the leader an expert in spinal pain in Slovenia, he also performs spinal surgery and pain reduction with epidural and facet blockade for patients of the Medicofit clinic.

    Marko Stojanovič, graduated physiotherapist

    Head of Physiotherapy at Medicofit Clinic

    Marko is a qualified physiotherapist and expert in the field of injury rehabilitation. Marko graduated from the Faculty of Health of the University of Ljubljana, he has been gathering work experience since 2016, when he started working in a private sports-physiotherapy center.

    Specialization in the field of work

    Marko was a member of the professional team of the Global Sports Clinic, where he was the head of the physiotherapy department. Marko was an expert consultant at the Global Treatment Clinic for the treatment of movement injuries. From 2020 to 2021, Marko was employed at the private physiotherapy center Physiq.zone. Marko attends additional training under the guidance of domestic and foreign experts in the field of physiotherapy, orthopedic medicine, sports medicine and diagnostics, with which he constantly improves and supplements his knowledge. Marko has already worked with more than 500 patients with musculoskeletal problems. In his work, he always includes the latest findings of science in combination with his experience.


    Marko works as a team leader of physiotherapists at the Medicofit clinic, and is a specialist in movement diagnostics and early rehabilitation. Marko works with the patients of the Medicofit clinic in the framework of diagnostic examination and implementation of early postoperative and acute physiotherapy.

    Julija Beltram, graduate kinesiologist

    Kinesiologist at the Medicofit clinic

    Julija is a graduate in Kinesiology from the Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana, and as such, she has gained professional experience as a kinesiologist in various sports centres. She has led healthy lifestyle programmes, osteoporosis training, post-natal training and personal training. In July, she completed part of her internship at the centre of manual therapist Dušan Mesesnelj, where she was introduced to the model of a combined approach of physiotherapy and kinesiology to rehabilitation of injuries.

    Experience and education

    As part of the Erasmus+ programme, Julia gained valuable professional experience in the Medical Exercise physiotherapy clinic in Valencia, Spain in March 2020. In addition to kinesiology, Julia is currently interested in the field of process management of administration and patient management in healthcare. In her opinion, a good system for working with clients results in a more willing company and faster treatment of injuries. With her intimate knowledge of kinesiology, Julia contributes to a better flow of information between the clinic's specialist departments and patients.

    Specialization in the field of work

    • Administration


    From the moment you arrive at the clinic until the end of your treatment, Julia ensures that you have professional and up-to-date treatment in the Medicofit Clinic's Customer Support Department. Julie believes that professional accuracy of information is important from the first time a patient contacts Medicofit Clinic, whether it is at the reception desk via a call or an email.

    Matevž Klinc, graduated physiotherapist

    Physiotherapist at the Medicofit clinic

    Matevž is a graduated physiotherapist from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana. Under its auspices, he gained his first experience mainly in the public healthcare system. Matevž is a top athlete and one of the most promising futsal players in Slovenia.

    Experience and education

    With a keen desire to pursue a career in physiotherapy with a thorough and holistic approach to treating injuries, Matevž joined the Medicofit team of physiotherapists in July 2021. A complex ankle injury has given Matevž a personal insight into the pathway of movement injury rehabilitation from which he draws concrete experience in working with patients.

    Specialization in the field of work

    • Neurophysiotherapy
    • Orthopedic physiotherapy


    Matevž specialises in therapeutic exercise within the rehabilitation of chronic sports injuries and the rehabilitation of neurological conditions of the musculoskeletal system.


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