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Leading physiotherapy clinic for injuries and joint pain

Physiotherapy for comprehensive treatment of injuries

We are the leading physiotherapy for pain and injuries. We treat muscles, joints and ligaments

With modern technology, the latest physiotherapy treatment techniques and individual approach, we ensure the highest efficiency of physical therapy

We guide you from injury to excellent physical condition. We are physiotherapy specialists.

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The main advantages of the medicofit clinic

We make treatment successful for our patients by combining high professionalism, modern technologies and a pleasant experience in our clinic.

It is important to us that patients understand their injury and the origin of their pain, so we establish a transparent relationship and provide a detailed explanation of the medical findings, the origin of the injury, the treatment strategy and the rehabilitation expectations as early as during the diagnostic examination.

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How we treat injuries at Medicofit.

There are 4 steps to your injury treatment at Medicofit.

Diagnostic examination

Diagnostic examination

1. Diagnostic examination
2. Review of medical records
3. Clinical joint testing
4. Measurement of muscle strength of key muscle groups
5. Measurement of muscle symmetries
6. Joint mobility testing
7. Assessment of joint function
8. Expert consultation
9. Preparation of a treatment strategy for the injury
10. Diagnostic report

Acute phase

Acute phase

1. Pain therapy
2. Anti-inflammatory therapy
3. Therapy to reduce any swelling present
4. Trigger point therapy
5. Manual therapy
6. LASER therapy
7. TECAR therapy
8. Shock wave therapy (UGV)
9. HiTop electrotherapy
10. Pressotherapy
11. Joint mobilization
12. Passive range of motion
13. Joint stabilization exercises
14. Exercises to obtain full ranges of movement
15. Exercises to gain core muscle strength
16. Elimination of muscular symmetries



1. Second phase of rehabilitation
2. Joint stabilization exercises
3. Exercises for strength in the final ranges of movement
4. Exercises for the acquisition of muscular symmetries
5. Exercises for core strength
6. Exercises for preventive strength
7. Learning the correct technical execution of strength exercises
8. Aerobic endurance training
9. Exercises to improve balance
10. Learning to run
11. Plyometric exercises (jumping, rebounding, agility)
12. Final testing of the Kinesiotherapy Phase

Preventive maintenance phase

Preventive maintenance phase

1. Post rehabilitation phase
2. Long-term maintenance of joint functionality
3. Maintenance of preventive strength
4. Maintenance of physical fitness
5. Physical preparation for recreational sport
6. Improvement of body composition
7. Maintaining optimal joint strength
8. Maintaining a healthy spine
9. Managamenet of degenerative conditions
10. Maintenance of chronic pain

Why is Medicofit Slovenia's leading physiotherapy clinic?

At the Medicofit Clinic, we believe in a comprehensive injury & pain treatment. This means that diagnostic and physiotherapy experts develop a detailed individual rehabilitation strategy for each patient, which includes four phases: a diagnostic examination, an acute rehabilitation phase, kinesiotherapy and a preventive maintenance phase.

At Medicofit we are not looking for quick fixes, our mission is to work with you to address the causes of your injury, improve the functionality of the injured segment and prevent potential mechanical or pain problems in the future.

Our patients are often individuals with multiple joint problems or in the post-operative phase. Medicofit Physiotherapy Clinic is the best choice for patients looking for expertly focused rehabilitation and an individualised approach throughout a full programme of therapies and exercises.

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How is physiotherapy done at Medicofit?

Physiotherapy at Medicofit is individually tailored to the patient with each therapy performed and focuses on early active rehabilitation by performing exercises that improve the patient’s musculoskeletal function and overall physical fitness.

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    Customer experience

    I can only praise cooperation with Medicofit and recommend it to others without hesitation. I tried private practice, where they professionally and professionally attend to my wishes and needs. With this, I gained a lot of new knowledge, which I can now use even when I practice alone; at the same time, I visibly improved my well-being, form and quality of training. I also use their services as part of a package offer and have enabled my employees to receive professional treatment for some more complex injuries, and for others, excellent relaxat

    Tomaž Furlan, 43 years old

    First of all, let me write that I am really satisfied with the therapies and happy that I can step on my feet normally again:) if I had to make the decision again, I would make the same decision, and even if someone is in a similar situation, I will definitely recommend you. And all the therapists who treated me were great👌

    Neža Tomc, 31 years old

    I am very satisfied with the experience in your clinic, I can say 10/10. Since I broke my shoulder in January, I wanted to see a good physiotherapist as soon as possible, and I found just that at your clinic. Marko Stojanović made excellent use of his knowledge and experience in physiotherapy and the condition of the shoulder improved surprisingly quickly, even earlier than we had planned at the beginning of the treatment. Marko was always very professional, friendly, everything according to PS, so of course a big thank you goes to him, the res

    Katarina Šuštar, 32 years old

    For a long time I looked for a solution to my problems and went from therapist to therapist, but all without success. But then I found Medicofit, which turned out to be a perfect hit.

    An excellent team that really works with heart, very flexible regarding appointments, neat and modern premises in an accessible location with parking. I absolutely recommend!

    Maja Kavčič, 41 years old

    I have been attending Medicofit regularly for several months now and my condition has improved a lot.

    I would also point out that the team is very friendly, always available, flexible and professional. I definitely recommend a visit.

    Katja Bajs, 22 years old

    Great team, I really managed to rehabilitate my injured knee in a short time.

    Training and physiotherapy at a high level and very friendly staff. I recommend! In general, the regeneration on the soft chairs at the end is nice. :)

    Lan Zupančič, 25 years old

    Hello, my experience with therapy at the Medicofit clinic has been very positive.

    Professional and friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere. My injury has been repaired with the help of your training, if it happens again I will gladly return to your training.

    Keep up the good work!

    Jernej Zadnikar, 44 years old

    I came to the MedicoFit clinic because of problems with my legs. I was diagnosed with spastic paraparesis - leg cramps.

    The pain was so great that it started to interfere with my daily activities.

    The staff is very professional and extremely friendly.

    Živa Merljak, 40 years old

    My partner and I were looking for the right therapy for our problems. He for the back and neck, I for the legs.
    After 2 months of therapy with individual help, he has successfully returned to work, and I can already take longer walks with the dog.

    Training with personal contact, under the watchful eye of a real expert, brought the first positive results. Thank you Medicofit.

    Irena Šušteršič, 62 years old

    At Medicofit, with professionalism and individuality, they helped me to make real progress and built confidence in exercise and my body. Throughout the entire process, they addressed any pain and insecurity and answered even rare and demanding questions. They are also extremely flexible, as they took into account all my wishes and set an appointment when I had time.

    Luka Koren, 24 years old

    I came to you with an injured sword muscle, but left with a smile on my face, full of optimism and strength. Thanks to your team, especially to personal trainer Zoran, who worked with me for two months. Training and rehabilitating an injury with you was a really nice personal experience for me. The results of the training surprised even me, because considering my age, I didn't expect it.
    I wish your team continued success!

    Zmago Sadler, 65 years old

    Why Medicofit? Because they are simply the best.
    I came to them on the recommendation of my girlfriend, because of lower back pain. A person under the age of 30 who was an athlete should not wake up every morning with lower back pain. I initially did the physiotherapy part of the rehabilitation at Medicofit. Already in the first month, progress was visible. Then followed the kinesiology part or gradual progression of pain relief exercises.

    Tilen Kočevar, 29 years old

    Medicofit is one of the best (sports rehabilitation) clinics I had the opportunity to visit! The location, room arrangement, equipment, and of course the staff, and their services are excellent!

    Aniya Dežman, 46 years old

    I got a good impression from the first visit and inspection. With each therapy, my confidence increased and my pain decreased. There were days when it was tiring, but never too tiring because they adapt the exercises to your current abilities. They are very professional in their work and know how to listen to you.

    I recommend it to everyone who wants to make changes in their health and well-being.

    Kind regards, Mojca Pajek

    Mojca Pajek, 54 years old

    In my opinion, the Medicofit clinic is by far the best clinic for physiotherapy and personal training. Since visiting her, I feel and look better, and the changes are more visible every month. The staff is professional but at the same time very pleasant and particularly adaptable to individual needs. I recommend it to anyone who wants to come back even better than before after an injury, either in sports or in everyday activities.

    Dijana Đajić, 18 years old

    I have been training at Medicofit for 4 months and I am very satisfied. An excellent team with a lot of knowledge, neat and well-equipped training rooms and an infirmary. I am very satisfied with the training program because the training adapts to my abilities on the fly and therefore I have a constant
    progress. Since I have been exercising regularly with a kinesiologist and having occasional therapy with a physiotherapist at Medicofit, my health and general well-being have improved significantly.

    Tomaž Ipavec, 35 years old

    I came to the Medicofit clinic because of severe lower back pain that occurred while sawing firewood. The pain was so strong that I had to stop work immediately, I was in bed for 4 days.

    At the Medicofit clinic, they took good care of my pain, which went away after 3 treatments.

    I would like to praise the kinesiologist Gašper and the physiotherapist Leonora.

    Nejc Levec, 29 years old

    Professionalism, the right approach and committed work - this is how I can briefly describe the Medicofit clinic and their staff.
    The clinic is beautifully and advancedly arranged, the staff is very attentive to the individual. It is also extremely important that there is no queue, you are ordered within a few days.
    Physiotherapists and kinesiologists, with their rich knowledge, really tried to eliminate pain and improve mobility and restore strength in the injured area.

    Jan Nose, 30 years old

    The good thing that happened to me in September with my arm/shoulder issues was that I was referred to your clinic.
    Reception, examination and conversation were already promising. You informed me about the course of rehabilitation, its duration and the expected results. When things didn't go quite as expected, you adjusted and allowed me half-hearted therapies so that I received as many pain-relieving treatments as possible.

    Romana Novak Mlinar, 67 years old

    I thank you for the friendly reception and the services provided. It was said that after five or six treatments the leg pain would be gone, and it was. Thanks to Mark and all his colleagues, but also thanks for all the advice and recommended exercises, which I will now do at home.

    Janja Vrtačnik, 63 years old

    I turned to Medicofit after knee surgery. Physiotherapy treatment within the framework of public healthcare was not enough for me, the pain did not subside, my mobility was limited. In mature years, rehabilitation takes longer, so it is important that it is timely, professional and adapted to the individual. With a carefully selected exercise program, which they constantly step up and adjust, they quickly convinced me that their treatment would be appropriate for me. Week by week, I became more able to move, the pain in my knee subsided, joy re

    Aleksandra Lešnjek, 33 years old

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